5V Crimp Metal Panel

5V Crimp

The 5V Crimp metal panel is designed to conceal fasteners and create a clean simple metal roof. Used on both residential and light commercial roofing the high strength steel is a popular option.

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O'Donnell Metal Deck is a leading 5V Crimp metal panel and corrugated metal supplier for all projects large and small. 5V Crimp Panel is availble in 8'-0", 10'-0", and 12'-0" Lengths. It's overall 26" width allows for a 24" cover with a rib every 12".

5v Crimp Panel Closeup

5V Crimp Metal Panel Profile

Available Finshes:

26 Gauge Steel All Colors 24 Gauge Steel Galvalume & Bright White Only
Gauges 26, 28
Height ½”
Comparable Names 5v Crimp Panel
Width 24"
Finish AZ-50 Galvalume Substrate, 11 colors

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