1.5 Steel Form Deck

1.5″ Steel Form Deck

1.5" steel form deck is a versatile product. It is recommended to pour 2" of concrete over the depth of deck for a minimum total slab depth of 3.5" when using this deck.

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Custom Length:

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Steel form deck is a term used to describe deck that is most frequently used as a stay in place form for structural concrete. It is designed to serve as a permanent steel base for poured concrete, eliminating the time and cost of wood forming. Steel form deck can be used in a variety of ways as installation is fast, easy, and economical

1.5 or 1.5C Steel Form Deck Profile

1.5 or 1.5C Steel Form Deck Profile

About O'Donnell Metal Deck:

Why wait? Job site change orders, problems, damaged deck, or new jobs. Whether you need 1.5" decking or any other products for concrete or steel roof deck, you can count on O’Donnell Metal Deck. We are committed to providing the fastest and easiest service for metal decking. We offer fast same and next day delivery of our 1.5" Deck to the East Coast — proudly supplying projects in Maryland, Washington DC, Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Tennessee, North Carolina, South Carolina, Delaware, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania & across the country.

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Fast Metal Deck Shop Drawings:

Our ability to provide fast steel deck approvals has made us one of the best metal deck supply and detailing companies in the United States. Our process begins with fast and direct communication with our customers and stakeholders to ensure maximum productivity and timeliness. The metal deck shop drawing process is as outlined below.

Approval Drawings

Our team gathers, reviews and interprets information from the contract bid documents.

EOR Review

Our steel deck layout is submitted to the design team for missing information or discrepancies to solve potential issues.

BOM Fabrication

Once approved by the engineer, our detailers submit their bills of material to be fabricated.

Field Use Plans

We'll issue easy to read structural steel erection plans for field use to save installation time.


Learn More about Metal Deck Shop Drawings.

Available Gauges:

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20 Gauge Icon

18 Gauge Icon

16 Gauge Icon

Available Finshes:

G60 Deck Icon

Galvanized G-60 zinc coated steel is the standard in the deck industry.

G90 Deck Icon

Galvanized G-90 is typically specified for exterior applications or project specific needs.

Painted Deck Icon

PTD or primer painted is an impermanent, provisional coating and is gray on top and bottom.

Deck Options:

Vented Deck:

Vented Metal Deck

Work with your engineer or architect to confirm the venting requirements based on the specific materials installed over the deck. We can supply factory punched integral hanger tabs in the deck to provide venting that provide between 0.25% and 0.50% open area.

1.5 Form Cellular Deck:

Type B Cellular Acoustical Deck

1.5 cellular form deck is utilized in exposed ceiling areas where a flat bottom deck and a composite slab is desired. 1.5 form deck can be combined with or without acoustical perforations in the flat plate for sound reduction as needed.


Steel Deck Institute Certification Icon

SDI Members:

We only supply products certified by SDI members that meet the the strict standards for engineering, design, manufacturing and usage of steel decks.

USA Domestic Steel Icon

Made in America:

Our products are made with US made steel. When mill certificates are required, we can provide you the material's physical and chemical properties. Contact Us for more information regarding your project.

UL Classified Product Icon

UL Classified:

Our products adhere to the UL standards for 1.5 form deck. Refer to the UL Fire Directory for further information:
Type 1-1/2", 2" and 3" Composite Deck for use in Design No. D779.

SDI Recommeneded Spans:

Contact us for specific product submittals and load tables

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B Deck Attachment Pattern:

1.5 In. Roof Deck Fastening Patterns

Your project Engineer will determine your attachment requirements for your design loads, building code and project requirements. The following standard 1.5 Form Deck attachment pattern has been provided as a minimum recommendation for the product specified. The attachments should be made to from deck to support, deck sidelap to deck sidelap and seck to perimeter supports.

Gauges 16, 18, 20, 22
Height 1.5"
Width 36"
Finish Painted, Galvanized G-60, Galvanized G-90


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